Cameras for killer Fen road

SPEED cameras will be put along Ramsey Forty Foot Drain in a bid to cut accidents following five recent road deaths.

Cambridg eshire County Council is investigating putting speed cameras on the stretch and hopes to fund the project in October. It also wants to see a programme of road safety education.

Details of the scheme are expected to be announced later today (Tuesday, 16 May) but in a report seen by the News, the council's cabinet is being urged to take action.

Two petitions, one with 149 names and another with nearly 1,600, were handed in after Jose Marmeleria, Carlos De Oliveira and Cidalina Oliveira drowned in February after their car span into a ditch as they travelled to work in Chatteris.

Two months earlier father and son Dean and Jordan Hawes, of Hull Way, Chatteris, died on the same road.

Suggestions from emergency services, road safety engineers, the public, MPs, other Government bodies and articles in the Newsand other media included some kind of barrier, speed reduction measures, and schemes such as moving the road.

The cabinet will discuss the issue when it meets on May 23.