Speed Limit Change in Wyoming County

Wednesday, May 17, UPDATED: 3:20 p.m.
By Ryan Leckey

New speed limit signs went up Wednesday in part of Wyoming County in an effort to slow down truckers outside of Tunkhannock.

The speed limit for tractor-trailers along that part of Route 6 westbound has been changed from 55 mph to 35 mph.

The slow zone for trucks is from Rails and Stanek Roads at the top of a hill down to Meshoppen Borough. It's just over a mile long and already has people divided.

"If it was for all vehicles it would be good. I don't see much advantage just being for trucks," said trucker Wayne Salsman.

"The truckers come down here at 65 mph and they have to hit their jake (engine) brake. I have four grandchildren up the road and animals that sometimes break out and they don't have a chance if they ever get out on the road," said Sharon Simmons of Meshoppen.

"They do tend to go fast. It's downhill, a lot of blind corners, blind turns. I think this will help," said Rebecca Baker, also of Meshoppen.

Meshoppen Police Chief John Krieg said a resident brought about the change. A signed petition was brought to township supervisors asking them to get the speed limit lowered for trucks. PennDOT did a study and agreed it would be for the best.

"There have been numerous accidents in the area. There have been several fatalities and that's something we want to cut back on," the chief said.

"I'd say 95 percent of truck drivers are pretty good drivers. It's just the five percent that get the headlines," Salsman added.

Over the next month or so an electronic sign will be in place letting truck drivers know what their speed is and right next to it the sign that tells them what it should be. The police chief hopes it will remind people to slow down.

"Between that and the police patrols in the area that should cut back on speed," said Krieg. He urges truckers to take notice of the speed limit change or be ready to pay up in fines.