Speed humps dumped after protest

Gloucestershire council is to remove its speed humps after a campaign by local residents.

Could this be the start of the great un-humping? in 2003 the council of Yate in South Gloucestershire decided to install speed humps after just 38 people voted in favour, from a population of 4,500.

The local residents have fought back, with their own second consultation producing 435 responses, of which only 60 were in favour. The result? An urgent council order to

remove the humps, and replace them with speed-activated warning signs, and a pedestrian crossing.

Mark McArthur-Christie, Policy Director for the Association of British Drivers, said: "All over the country we have seen examples of speed humps and traffic calming being imposed, justified by consultations that have failed to consult all those affected...We're delighted that [this local] Council has now listened to residents. This is a real result for road safety."
Dan Gilbert