Watch out! Speed cameras on way
SPEED cameras could be coming to Rutland as the rules are relaxed about where they are placed.
From next year the county council will have the authority to decide locations and it will be given Government cash to pay for them.

Currently there are no fixed speed cameras in Rutland, but the council is a member of the Leicestershire Safety Camera Partnership which sends mobile cameras to locations each week.

The partnership is paid for by speeding fines, with any surplus going to the Government. But from next year money from fines will go straight to the Treasury which in return will hand 113,786 to Rutland County Council. A speed camera costs about 25,000.

At a meeting of the council's cabinet on Tuesday, Coun Terry King said he would like people to be consulted about the changes.

He said: "The public want something done about speeding, but are not keen on the concept of fixed cameras."

Speaking after the meeting, council leader Rober Begy said: "We've got to make decision by April next year. I think there will be some villages that will be extremely keen to see cameras introduced, but there will be some villagers who will be extremely against.

"Villages such as Glaston and Greetham and people in London Road, Uppingham have discussed if there is a possibility of
having a camera in the past."

Charity director Nigel Sudborough, 58, of London Road, Uppingham, is in favour of a fixed speed camera in his street.

He said: "This is an opportunity for a more rational and flexible approach to the use of speed cameras, rather as a preventative measure than a cure after accidents have happened."

If the council decides cameras are needed, it will work with police on their location.

Insp Adam Streets said he felt Oakham's new bypass should be considered alongside accident and speeding hot-spots.

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19 May 2006