Police zone in on speed traps

Hunt Club Rd. was voted Ottawa's worst road for speeding in a new city survey, a dubious honour that has police targeting the east-west speedway in a zero-tolerance enforcement campaign.

For the second phase of the Integrated Road Safety Program's Speeding Costs You campaign, police will be setting up rotating zero-tolerance zones on arterial roads across the city over the next 10 weeks, including those on the list of worst offenders in the survey.

The zones are marked by yellow signs and display boards that show motorists how fast they're going. Officers are nearby with radar guns and chase motorcycles at the ready.

"Somebody doing 12 km/h to 15 km/h (over the limit) will get a surprise," said Police Chief Vince Bevan. "It's as simple as that. When we say zero tolerance, we mean do the speed limit."


After a press conference on Hunt Club yesterday, Bevan offered a demonstration, clocking the speeds of motorists using a radar gun.

"For some reason traffic is really slow right now," Bevan joked, surrounded by uniformed officers and a pack of journalists, including cameramen and photographers.

A few minutes later, the chief stopped a motorist in a grey Mazda and issued a ticket.

Speeding was recently voted the top neighbourhood policing concern of city residents.

"Speeding can extract a very human toll," said Bevan, noting that over the past three years, there have been 10,000 speed-related collisions in the city which have killed 36 people and left 170 with life-threatening injuries.


A recent city survey asked residents for their opinion on Ottawa's worst road for speeding. Here are the results:

1. Hunt Club Rd. (110 votes)

2. Riverside Dr. (73)

3. Carling Ave. (69)

4. Fallowfield Rd. (67)

5. Bronson Ave. (61)

6. Baseline Rd. (61)

7. Queensway (54)

8. Innes Rd. (49)

9. Ottawa Rd. 174 (42)

10. Spratt Rd. (39)

11. Limebank Rd. (35)

12. Walkley Rd. (34)