Police Issue Speed Warning
POLICE have sent a clear message to drivers who use Colne's streets as a race track: "Speed and you will be fined".
Colne South road policing officer Bob Southward is stepping up patrols in the Waterside area of the town from this weekend after complaints from residents and councillors.
The route around Knotts Lane, Shaw Street and Lenches Road has become known as "the circuit" due to the number of speeding vehicles in the area. Coun. Tony Greaves told the Colne and District Committee: "Whether they are taking part in organised races or not, the speeds they drive at are ridiculous. Some of it is clearly boy racers on a circuit and it is quite frightening, really."
Insp. Jon Puttock said action would be taken. PC Southward, who will be on patrol armed with a mobile speed gun, said: "Speeding is a problem which occurs in a lot of places, but people in the Knotts Lane area are having particular problems at the moment.
"I will be checking the speeds of vehicles. Anyone caught driving over the limit will be fined. It is a simple as that."
19 May 2006