Florida: Gulf Breeze to Move Illegal Red Light Camera System
Gulf Breeze, Florida is forced to relocate its illegal red light camera system.

Gulf Breeze High SchoolThe city of Gulf Breeze, Florida must disconnect and move a red light camera system that the state has determined is illegal. In late February, the city installed the device at US 98 and Daniel Drive over strong legal objections from the state attorney general and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

FDOT officials have shown that the camera was installed outside Gulf Breeze High School on property that belongs to the department. FDOT has said that it cannot allow such a system to operate on the state highway system unless Florida law changes. Key lawmakers have rejected calls to make these changes as revenue raising in the guise of safety. The city now plans to move the camera inside the high school property.

Last July, Attorney General Charlie Crist explained that a local red light camera ordinance violates Section 316.007 of Florida statutes which does not allow municipalities to "enact or enforce any ordinance on a matter covered by this chapter unless expressly authorized." Gulf Breeze is one of six cities nationwide designated by AAA as a "strict enforcement" speed trap.

Source: FDOT targets GB traffic camera (Gulf Breeze News (FL), 5/22/2006)