Speed camera bill stalls in committee

By David Plata
Staff Writer

June 1, 2006

Action on a bill letting the state prohibit the use of traffic enforcement cameras for speeding violations is on hold, with the legislature now on summer break.

Meanwhile, Cleveland Council President Martin Sweeney said the city will fight the bill in court if needed.

"They should be working more on statewide issues," said Sweeney, D-20. "Our home rule, per our charter, gives us the right to implement these kinds of things. They should leave us alone."

In Cleveland, 30 red-light cameras and six speed cameras were installed starting last year. In addition, six mobile cameras were installed in police cars, focusing on speeders in school zones.

Sen. Dale Miller, D-23 of Cleveland, said he voted against the bill last week in the Senate state and local government committee, where it was approved and referred to the rules committee, which schedules legislation for a vote by the full Senate.

The bill then failed to receive enough votes to be scheduled.

"It's still stuck in the rules committee," Miller said, adding that it may be scheduled during one of two summer sessions, or when the regular meetings resume in September.

Miller said he believes the proposal is too restrictive, in part because it requires a police officer to be present for speeding violations.

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