Traffic violators beware!
Brajendra K Parashar
Lucknow, June 5 will be intercepted

NOW, IT won’t be easy to violate traffic rules and get away. Cops sitting in a high-tech mobile Maruti Versas, equipped with sophisticated enforcement and surveillance equipments, will be keeping a watch on the violators.

The traffic police will soon introduce a state-of-the-art device, known as interceptor, in the state capital and some other cities to trap traffic violators on cameras and punish them, accordingly.

“We hope to get one interceptor each for Lucknow, Varanasi and Ghaziabad by June-end,” said Deputy Director, Traffic, Poornima Singh. She said the staff to operate the interceptors had already been given training in Delhi and now “we are waiting for the interceptors to be procured from the Central Government under the National Highway Accident Relief Service scheme”. She said initially the device was being introduced in three cities only and would be provided to other towns later.

Each interceptor costs around Rs 30 lakh, she said.

The interceptor device comprises an alcohol and pollution analyzer and multiple cameras. It is equipped with a speed radar gun, a computer, an Alco meter, a DVD camera, a DVD recorder with 360-degree movement and a printer.

It detects traffic violations through multiple cameras mounted on top of the vehicle. It can also generate computerised violation notices and take snaps of the registration number plates on the spot.

“The traffic rule violators will not be able to tell lies as everything will be available on record,” Singh said.

Besides, the interceptor crew will create road traffic and safety awareness among the people through audio-visual educative programmes on the mobile van. The well-equipped van will also be used to provide first aid to accident victims.

Singh said that introduction of interceptors would also bring about more transparency in matters of prosecution of offenders.

Also, vehicle-actuated traffic signals will be operative in Lucknow from June 15.

Thirty-two points have been identified where automatic traffic lights are being installed in the city. “The lights or signals have already been installed at Lal Batti, Bandariyabagh, DSO, Hagratganj, Sapru Marg, and LIC crossings,” claimed Singh. She said that apart from Lucknow, the automatic traffic lights and signals were also being installed in five other cities --Meerut, Ghaziabad, Noida, Agra and Gautam Budh Nagar.