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    Default June 9th - UK - joint speed awareness day

    Be more aware of your speed
    By Steve Sowden

    SOUTH Somerset Community Speed Watch teams and Avon and Somerset Police are mounting a joint speed awareness day urging motorists to put the brakes on.

    The aim of the day on June 9 is to demonstrate to motorists and the public the awareness of the police and the community to the dangers of speeding and their determination to do something about it.

    The initiative follows public consultation by the police which highlighted speeding as one of the main areas of concern of anti-social behaviour. Speeders stopped by the police can expect to be advised on the spot that they will be prosecuted, or some maybe offered the opportunity to attend an Avon and Somerset Police speed seminar. As well as police beat mangers and police community support officers, also working directly with the CSW teams on the day will be PC Andy Blackwell, the full-time, recently appointed police support officer. He said: "What many drivers may not realise is how drastically their vehicle insurance premium can be affected by a speeding offence.

    "By joining the CSW schemes the communities are showing they want their villages and towns to be free from speeding vehicles and the dangers they cause."

    In the previous awareness day last autumn, 15 towns and villages took part and the speed of nearly 10,000 vehicles monitored. Of these, six per cent were speeding above 35mph and two per cent were travelling at 40 mph or more in a 30 mph zone some at well over 50 mph.

    This time there are up to 23 taking part as more communities have now become acutely aware of the problems caused by speeders. Addition-ally, a further 12 villages and towns have now expressed a firm desire to form speed watch teams.

    "This is a wonderful show of partnership working between the district council, police, and other bodies that are trying to make South Somerset a safer place for residents and visitors alike," said community safety co-ordinator for South Somerset District Council, Steve Brewer.

    9:57am Wednesday 7th June 2006
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    if the speed limits were set to the 85th percentile there wont be a speeding problem... problem is they are set too low for the road, i know of a local duel carrageway which use to be 70 mph nsl! now its been reduced to 40mph and has camera vans all over it! :x

    the DoT recommends that speed limits should be set in relation to the 85th percentile speed of traffic, i.e. the speed at or below which 85% of traffic travels. If the 85th percentile figure is more than 7 mph or 20% (whichever is the greater) above the proposed speed limit, then a higher limit should be chosen or physical measures introduced to reduce speeds. A highway authority should be able to demonstrate, therefore, that it has measured speeds on the road in question and taken the DoT's criteria into account.

    obviuosly with limit being 70mph no car is going to be travling at 40mph, they forced the limit on the road and expect drivers to comply, its like being on a high wage job and the boss telling you your being paid minimum wage, and if you go elsewhere for a job he will sue you...

    this is what the governemnt and councils are doing they are making up there own laws and rules!

    also the A53 etruia road stoke on trent was a duel carrageway with a 70mph limit then they dropped it to 50mph and then in 1997 1998 they dropped the limit to 30mph!

    there have been a few accidents since it was dropped to 30mph for years they set up speed traps and prosecuted drivers for doing 40mph and quite possibley anything over 35 that 2mph plus acpo 10%...

    and recently they have upped the limit to 40mph!!! so why is it now safe to go 40mph? they have also installed 4 cameras on the stretch but this still contradics what they have been preaching speed kills and 40mph is dangerous?

    people have been find and had points on there licences for what is legal now!



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