Here are the first red light camera intersections!

KTRK-13's Jeff Ehling gives us a heads up on the first intersections to receive red light cameras:

The first group of ten red light cameras used to monitor red light running will be installed at the following intersections:

Bay Area Blvd. @ El Camino Real

Bellaire @ Fondren

Bellaire @ Wilcrest

Bingle @ Pinemont

Elgin @ Milam

Hillcroft @ Harwin

Hillcroft @ Westpark

John F. Kennedy @ Greens Rd.

Richmond @ Dunvale

Travis @ Webster.

Installation is scheduled to begin within the next 2 * 3 weeks. These sites were selected based on the number of crashes that occurred at the intersection and number of crashes that occurred at the intersections where red light running was a contributing factor.

It is anticipated that, American Traffic Solutions (ATS) will install and have these first ten cameras operational by mid July 2006. The others will be placed in groups of 10 approximately every 30-45 days. ATS is also creating a media public awareness campaign designed to inform motorist and the general public about the Red Light Camera system that will last 30 days. No citations will be issued during this period.

One would hope (okay, I would hope) that someone or some media outlet will take a stopwatch to see if the yellow light times at these intersections are set for the federally-recommended minimum length of time, and then make sure the city doesn't shorten the yellow light times as we move on in this program. It's been known to happen!

And then there's this:

The red light camera sites have been, and will continue to be, determined from statistical analysis of crash data by a committee consisting of representatives from the Houston Galveston Area Council, Rice University, as well as the HPD Traffic Division.

Houston bicyclist Bob Stein is from Rice University. I wonder if he's a member of the statistical analysis committee??? (As a refresher, Stein has an aversion to cars, helped come up with the original Safeclear program, is a parking authority expert, and is the husband of Mayor White's agenda director.

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