June 13, 2006
Red Light Runners Targeted in Lafayette

It's becoming an increasingly frustrating and dangerous problem.

We're referring to motorists in the hub city who are blatantly running red lights at some of the city's busiest intersections.

Now, Lafayette's traffic guru says he thinks he has the solution.

And, it's not much bigger than the average mail box.

Could an unassuming box on a pole hold the key to curing the hub city of a nasty case of red lightitis?

Traffic director Tony Tramel says, "Yes."

Once in place, the camera remains motionless.

When it detects a vehicle crossing the intersection after the light has changed to red, it snaps a photo of the vehicle and its license plate.

A copy of the photo and a ticket are then mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Tramel says the cameras could pay for themselves without the need of hiring additional city workers.

Funds derived from collected tickets could be used to pay a company that would mail out the tickets and collect the fines.

So, what do hub city motorists think of this proposal?

Coming up tonight at 10:00, we'll send a camera crew out to one of the hub city's worst intersections and find out.