NEW: Red light cameras to be installed near Millbrae BART
By Staff Reports

MILLBRAE - Five red light cameras will be installed near the BART station where Millbrae Avenue, Rollins Road and southbound U.S. Highway 101 meet.

On Tuesday, the Millbrae City Council agreed to put in the cameras within the next two months. The study of the area revealed there were 1,060 red light violations during a four-hour period in one day.

Cameras will cost $5,300 each month, but is also expected to generate $1 million for the city if each captures 10 red light runners a day.

The city will get $147 out of the $271 fine. Cameras mounted on traffic lights take photographs of a driver's front and near license plates when they run red lights. Drivers receive a ticket in


the mail that they can challenge at the issuing police department.

To maintain the red light camera program, the Millbrae Police Department will hire an officer - a cost of $100,000 a year to the city, according to officials.

San Mateo, Fremont, Union City and San Francisco have red light cameras. In San Mateo, several of the tickets have been challenged in court by recipients who say that the camera enforcement only provides hearsay evidence. However, no offender has won.