Speed limit change approved

JUNEAU - On a stretch of county highway where no speed limit signs existed, drivers will soon be greeted by bright orange flags alerting drivers to a new lower speed limit.
On Tuesday, the Dodge County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved lowering the speed limit on Highway B, from Highway 33 to North Spring Street in Beaver Dam, from 55 mph to 45 mph.
"Right now, it's not posted, so people assume it's 55 mph," Supervisor Mark Bobholz said. "This will enable us to enforce the speed limit better."
Dodge County Highway Commissioner Brian Field said the new speed limit will go into effect as early as today. He said once the signs are in place, he will inform local law enforcement officials of the change.
The stretch of Highway B is on the north side of Beaver Dam, an area that has experienced a tremendous amount of growth recently. The recent additions of Home Depot and the Wal-Mart Supercenter have brought more traffic to the area, with the promise of an additional increase once Menard's, a possible hotel and the new Dodge County YMCA are built.
With that growth in mind, Supervisor Steven Sabatke said he wondered if a greater decrease in the speed limit was necessary.
"I would imagine there is going to be more to come," said Sabatke, whose District 6 constituents live in the city and town of Beaver Dam. "There will be more vehicle traffic and maybe more foot and bike traffic."
But Field and other members of the Highway Committee said if the county wanted to lower the speed limit more than 10 mph, they would first have to conduct a traffic study.
"Sometime in the near future we may have to revisit this and order a traffic study," Said Sabatke, who supported the resolution.
Bobholz agreed, noting that the portion of Highway B that is east of Highway 151 near the Wal-Mart Supercenter is currently a 35 mph zone.
"It's hard to say what the future may bring," Bobholz said.for