Safe speed: Policy failed as serious road injuries still high
Friday, 23 Jun 2006 15:42
Serious road injuries not down means policy has failed

Apparently a recent study by Oxford University has found that despite Police figures showing reduction in serious road injuries, when hospital figures are used there has been no improvement since 1996.

This is EXACTLY as Safe Speed analysis of road crash trends has predicted.

Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign
( said: "So now we see the truth. The roads are not getting safer. Government road safety policy - supported only by dodgy statistics has failed - and we can see it has failed."

"Speed cameras are at the centre of the failure and at the Safe Speed campaign we know exactly how and why."

"The Department for Transport MUST immediately pull the plug on the failed and dangerous speed camera programme."

"The government measure road safety and sets targets in 'KSI' - Killed and seriously injured. The new data shows no improvement at all in KSI, despite the proliferation of speed cameras and lower speed limits. Clearly these measures are not delivering the safety improvements claimed and promised.

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BBC Article with reference to new report:

Safe Speed analysis, first published in February 2004: