Stiffer speeding fines to support trauma centers
South Florida Business Journal - 4:16 PM EDT Monday

Gov. Jeb Bush has signed legislation that will create stiffer fines for speeding on state roads in three Florida counties, including Palm Beach and Broward.

The other participating county is Duval.

The additional money the pilot program raises is to go toward supporting local hospital trauma centers.

Drivers hit with a speeding ticket in enhanced penalty zones laid out in the legislation are to have an extra $50 tacked on to their fines. Half of that is to go to a trust fund to support certified trauma centers in the three counties.

The move is the latest in a series of efforts to strengthen the financial foundations of the state's trauma centers.

Last year the Legislature increased the fine for running a red light from $60 to $125 and also increased penalties for drivers who cause serious injuries or deaths in a wreck.

The state has said it expects the higher red light fine to raise about $14 million annually, while targeting the increased penalties for serious wrecks to raise about $4.7 million.