Minneapolis appeals red light camera ban

Updated: 06/27/2006 06:45:33 PM - [ VIDEO ]

The city of Minneapolis returned to court Tuesday to appeal a previous ruling against the city’s red light cameras.

In March, a Hennepin County judge ruled the cameras were unconstitutional, and said the city never had the authority to ticket people by camera.

Minneapolis attorneys say they can convince an appeals court the lights are constitutional.

“Our ordinance doesn't conflict with state law, it merely expands it to include liability to both the drivers and the owners of the vehicle,” says Mary Ellen Heng, Assistant Minneapolis Attorney.

Red light cameras in other states have withstood constitutional challenges because they clearly photograph the driver.

“The government has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt who was driving the vehicle when it committed the red light violation,” says Howard Bass, a volunteer attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union.

The appeals court will not rule on the issue for 90 days.

The cameras remain turned off.