Speed limit rises to 60 mph on parts of U.S. 58

The Virginian-Pilot
June 29, 2006 | Last updated 8:59 AM Jun. 29

The speed limit on portions of U.S. 58 will increase to 60 mph starting today, but a notorious "speed trap" near Emporia will remain a hazard to inattentive drivers.

The Virginia Department of Transportation said Wednesday that the posted speed along the highway will increase from the current 55 mph from Bowers Hill in Chesapeake to Emporia.

Two key exceptions will apply. At the highway 's bypass around Franklin, the limit will remain at 55 mph. And at Emporia, the current limits, including 45 mph near the Interstate 95 interchange, will continue.

"You'll have to drop your speed 60, to 55, then to 45 miles per hour out there," said Sgt. D.S. Carr of the Virginia State Police.

The speed limit was increased to reflect the driving habits of most of the highway's travelers , who regularly exceeded the old speed limit, a VDOT spokeswoman said.