UK: Haywire Speed Camera Flashes the Innocent
A Cumbria, UK speed camera certified as accurate only months ago has been sending tickets to innocent motorists.

Calibration certificateA speed camera in the South Lakeland district of Cumbria, UK has been issuing tickets to motorists who were driving at or under the 40 MPH speed limit. The partnership responsible for operating the device recognized the problem only after innocent motorists called to protest the unjust charges. The Cumbria Speed Cameras Partnership now says it will not prosecute motorists for driving the speed limit.

On March 1, 2006 the company RedSpeed International, Ltd. had certified that the device located on the A591 at Ings was 100 percent accurate (View calibration certificate image). RedSpeed is not an independent testing laboratory without a financial stake in the results. Rather, according to the company's website, "Our main function is to market the RedSpeed range of traffic related equipment for traffic law enforcement."

Source: Drivers flashed by faulty camera (Lakeland Radio (UK), 7/3/2006)