Police vehicle caught on camera!
It is a valuable tool in the fight against law-breakers.
But the Leamington police 'caught on camera' van looked less clever when the tables were turned this week.
And partially-sighted campaigner Ian Foulds has warned officers he will demand they ticket their own vehicles if they continue to break the law when parking.

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The Silver Birch Grove resident has been a vocal participant in discussions to limit disruption to visually-impaired residents during the first stage of the 2.2 million Parade revamp.
Now he claims town police are not setting the example they should.
He has asked "several times" for vans and squad cars left on double yellow lines in Rosefield Place, next to the station, to be parked in a manner more sensitive to the needs of partially-sighted pedestrians who he claims are being put in danger by hypocrisy.
He said: "These are the people who are supposed to enforce the parking rules the public here have to abide by, but what kind of example do they set us? Parking on the pavement so there is no room for a blind person to get past is hazardous. We have to walk in the road where we or our guidedogs can be hit by traffic. And they're on double yellow lines.
"The writing on their van says 'watching out for you', but exactly how does this example of hazardous parking show the police are watching out for the safety of blind people? I have gone in and asked they be moved several times, but they are back on the pavement the next day."
Mr Foulds has now written a letter of complaint to the station and Warwick and Leamington MP James Plaskitt.
A police spokeswoman said: "We have just received a formal complaint and, though it is at an early stage, I can assure the gentleman it will be looked at closely."
06 July 2006