The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, (RCIPS) were presented with 3 new speed radars from Motor and General on Thursday morning 29, June.

Ken Chand from Motor and General described the donation as part of the company's ongoing endeavor to support the crime-fighting efforts of the RCIPS.

Motor and General made their first speed radar donation shortly after Hurricane Ivan.

"After Ivan, only 2 speed radars were up and running and people were driving like mad," said Mr Chand.

"That's when we gave the first speed radar and at that time we committed to giving three more."

Through the recent contribution, all squad cars within the RCIPS will now be equipped with speed radars which adds to the stock of handheld radar guns frequently used by police officers.

"The support from Motor and General will give us more capability to fight crime in the Cayman Islands," said Chief Inspector Courtney Myles.

The Chief elaborated by discussing the modern advances which permit speed radars to catch almost any speeding vehicle, even those armed with radar detectors.

"The technology is so advanced that we don't have to turn on the radar until we observe a speeding vehicle. Once we turn on the radar and direct it towards a specific vehicle, the drivers with radar detectors don't have time to slow down because they've already been caught."

In addition, the penalties for possessing a radar detector in your vehicle include steep fines and drivers who are caught risk of losing their vehicles.

Mr Chand supported the Chief's comments about the technical abilities of the speed radars and reiterated the fact that drivers with radar detectors will not have enough reaction time to slow down once the new radars determine their speed.

As Mr Chand handed over the equipment, he commented to Chief Myles, "I just hope they don't catch me."