Hulbert PD Speed Trap Followup
KOTV - 7/6/2006 2:59 PM - Updated: 7/6/2006 5:12 PM

Last week we brought you a story about a long-suspected speed trap in the town of Hulbert in Cherokee County. Its a small town along state highway 51. We found their police department writes hundreds more traffic tickets than other similar Oklahoma towns. News on 6 reporter Jennifer Loren tells us there's a lot more to this story.

Andreas Schott, driver: "The officer came to my window and the first thing he said to me is do you want to go to jail tonight."

Last week we introduced you to Andreas Schott and Marshall Lind. Schott is from Germany, interning in Tulsa. He called us after he and Lind received four eighty dollar tickets while driving through Hulbert. None of them were for speeding. They felt they had been unneccessarily harassed by a Hulbert police officer and wanted something done about it.

Marshall Lind, Driver: “This guy was intimidating..."

After airing their story, we received several e-mails from people who had similar experiences in Hulbert. One of those e-mails questioned whether Hulbert Police were already under investigation for possibly running a speed trap.

It turns out there are other towns in Oklahoma that are being investigated for that but Hulbert is not. Schott and Lind want that to change.

Andreas Schott, driver: "Its not right."

Marshall Lind, Driver: "And I think there must be other ways to investigate this kind of corruption because its rampant and it has been for so many years."

As it turns out, the officer Schott and Lind complained about, is being investigated. But its not for running a speed trap. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation just finished an eleven month invetigation on Lieutenant Casey Rowe and the Hulbert Police Chief themselves.

Inspector Chuck Jeffries, OSBI: "There had been an allegation made to the DA's office that Hulbert PD was dismissing tickets in exchange for favors."

There were also allegations that Lieutenant Rowe was clocking in at two other jobs while he was clocked in with the police department. This 400 plus page report has the details of the investigation. But Inspector Jeffries says its confidential.

Inspector Chuck Jeffries, OSBI: "I can tell you that the charges have been investigated and will be turned over to the prosecutor."

It will be up to that prosecutor to decide if there is corruption at the Hulbert P.D.

The Cherokee County District Attorney says he may ask for a separate speed trap investigation into the Hulbert Police Department. But in order to do that, he needs detailed complaints from people who've had bad experiences there.

To report a complaint, send to:

Cherokee County District Attourney Richard Gray 213 W. Deleware Talequah, OK 74464

Or You can E-Mail them at: