4:39 pm | Citizens armed to clock speeders

Huntersville residents fed up with cars zipping through their neighborhoods now have an alternative to yelling at speeders to slow down.

The town's Citizen Speed Monitoring Program started today, allowing any resident to check out a radar gun and use it to clock passing vehicles.

Residents all over town complain about speeding and have swamped the town with requests for speed humps and more traffic enforcement, said Police Capt. Michael Kee. This is a low-cost, grass-roots attempt to address the problem.

The program calls for a resident to monitor a street for a week with the radar gun. A form documenting times, dates, locations, speeds, vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers of violators will be turned over to police. The police will verify the information and send warning letters to those on the list. Repeat offenders will get a visit from police officers.

The residents have no enforcement power and must agree not to chase, stop or apprehend drivers. They must also agree not to yell, make gestures or throw things at the speeders.

If residents take to the program, and it makes a difference, the town plans to order upgraded radar units costing about $1,500 each.

"We'll see how it goes," Kee said. "There's already a line forming." -- Staff Writer Erica Beshears contributed.