Safe speed: New challenge to speed camera evidence
Monday, 10 Jul 2006 11:04
In an interesting new challenge to speed camera evidence, Robbie the Pict has revealed an apparent flaw in the authorisation procedure for certain speed cameras.

Robbie the Pict is well know as the campaigner who overturned the Skye Bridge Tolls.

The flaw concerns the procedure that must be used to authorise devices. It appears that certain cameras have never been correctly authorised.

On initial examination it does indeed appear that the flaw suggested exists, and may render unsafe convictions stretching as far back as 1992.

Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign
( said: "This flaw could force camera partnerships to repay literally millions of fines. The total bill could be hundreds of millions."

"Having spent thousands of hours examining the overall road safety effects of speed cameras, I am absolutely certain that they make the roads more dangerous.
It's long overdue that this failed policy was abandoned and if this flaw brings matters to a head we'll all be better off."

"We have had 13 years of speed cameras on UK roads, and have suffered by far the worst decade in the history of motoring in terms of road safety improvements. I am certain that 'bad policy' based on speed cameras is to blame."

"Department for Transport is in abject denial about the failure of their policies."