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    Default Cam Detector Users 600% Less Likely To Get a Ticket

    Speed Camera Detector Users 600% Less Likely To Get Speeding Ticket

    DERBY, England - July 10, 2006: According to a survey conducted in the UK, motorists who use a speed camera spotter are six times less likely to pick up a speeding ticket.

    Government statistics show that 2,104,800 speeding tickets were issued in their most recent annual figures. Whilst around 33 million citizens hold a UK driving licence, only an estimated 26 million actually drive a vehicle, according to road safety analyst, Paul Smith of

    According to these figures, 8.1% of all active motorists received a speeding ticket within the last year of available speeding fine data.

    During the same 12 month period, 6,840 motorists used a Quintezz speed camera detection device. The unit plugs in to the cigar lighter socket and alerts the driver to any Gatso or Laser camera frequency – including hidden mobile cameras. Each device was supplied with a guarantee that if the user received a speeding ticket while their unit was fitted they would receive a guaranteed £60 cashback. The supplier says that only 86 claims were made, the equivalent of just 1.2% of all motorists using the Quintezz device. Importantly, no Quintezz user has reported losing their driving licence.

    Whilst driver awareness to the location of speed cameras is a key factor in a motorist avoiding speeding fines, the suppliers claim that Quintezz speed camera detector users are generally more experienced, safer drivers who rely on driving and so are more determined to keep their licence. A MORI poll also revealed that a motorist who uses a speed camera detector is 28% less likely to be involved in an accident than a non-user.

    Government legislation is in the final stages to ban speed camera detectors. The new law is expected to take effect next year. The Government’s main decision to ban is based on the theory that motorists can identify cameras that are not working and have the knowledge to increase speed.

    The UK supplier of the Quintezz speed camera detector, Car Parts Direct, has reacted with defiance against the Government’s decision by announcing they will clear all remaining stock immediately to their mail order customers while the product remains legal. The supplier is also offering an additional £50 discount to any customers who quote ‘I hate speed cameras’ at time of ordering.

    Mark Cornwall of Car Parts Direct said, "Whilst the ‘I hate speed cameras’ campaign may seem like childish humour, the issue is a very serious one. Without a speed camera detector more motorists will lose their licence, jobs and their income. This is Government greed for cash – road safety is not the issue.
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    "The supplier is also offering an additional £50 discount to any customers who quote ‘I hate speed cameras’ at time of ordering. "

    lol!!! Interesting article StlouisX50, a great read.



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