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    Default New York State Trooper gets caught in tornado

    Not 100% on-topic, but mildly amusing. A tornado ripped through here the other day and messed with a state trooper.

    ABC News

    On Route 9A a state trooper and his cruiser were swept off the ground and spun like a top.

    Westchester Police Department: "The vehicle was picked up and turned over three times and it came to rest. Sergeant was able to get out, he sustained minor injuries."
    New York Times
    The twister, first spotted crossing the Hudson River and described as looking like a water spout, touched down at least twice, according to reports made to the National Weather Service. It moved over the village of Sleepy Hollow, then into the town of Mount Pleasant, where it did the most damage in the hamlet of Hawthorne. It was in Hawthorne that the state trooper, who was driving on Route 9A, encountered the storm..

    “His car was picked up in the air and spun around,” said Andrew J. Spano, the Westchester County executive.

    The trooper, whose name was not released, was taken to Westchester Medical Center with injuries that were not believed to be life-threatening, Mr. Spano said. No one else was seriously injured.

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    Hehehe, I know the area he was in too

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    glad he wasnt too badly hurt! tornados bloody lethal... :shock:



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