16 July 2006
By Donna Carton

HUNDREDS of motorists stung in a Garda speed trap have had their fines cancelled.

One was the owner of a hearse which was caught while carrying a coffin in a funeral cortege.

Almost 400 drivers were let off after an investigation found the 50km/h restriction near Milltown, Inver, Co Donegal had no legal basis as a bye-law was not implemented.

Now drivers who haven't paid the fine have been told they don't have to cough up. Dozens of others fined and issued penalty points are demanding their cash back.

Undertaker John Carr, who was clocked during last month's Garda crackdown, said: "The limit on that road is 100km per hour but there is a section where it is reduced temporarily to 50 because of roadworks.

"I know I was over the limit, but it is only a temporary one and I was driving slow enough for the conditions.


"I've never heard of a hearse being done for speeding before."

Donegal TD Pat "The Cope" Gallagher has warned all other county councils to learn from the Donegal debacle.