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    Default Heysham - Speed trap nets locals not bikers

    Speed trap nets locals not bikers
    A POLICE operation to monitor bikers on their way to the TT races via Heysham caught plenty of speeders – but most were local drivers.
    Some were travelling at twice the 50mph limit on the Heysham bypass. Police say 81% of the speeders were local to the area.

    Operation Bikewatch was launched to cover the Isle of Man TT races as hundreds of motorcyclists headed for Heysham Port while travelling to the event.

    PC Keith Collins, who organised the operation, said the motorcyclists were keeping within the speed limit while local drivers were flouting regulations.

    He said: “We had an average of 1,500 motorcyclists a day heading to Heysham Port for the TT races and I have to say their behaviour was excellent.

    “There were no accidents or complaints regarding the motorcyclists at all.

    “Unfortunately the same cannot be said of local motorists.”

    The top speed recorded during the week-long operation was 102mph.

    A third of those speeding were driving to and from work and motorists from Heysham and Morecambe accounted for 64% of the people caught speeding.

    The average speed of those caught speeding on a 50mph limit stretch of the bypass was 83mph. PC Collins said the plain enforcement bike will be used on a more regular basis in the future.

    PC Collins said: “These are extremely worrying figures and we would urge local motorists who use the bypass to reduce their speed.'”
    18 July 2006
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    More proof motorcyclists aren't the problem on the roads... d*mn cagers.



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