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    Default Re: Attack on Roy Reyer's (Radar Roy) credibility!

    I have to bring to the attention of all forum members a personal attack made by the none other then you know who out of West Australia on the following web site

    The person who has done this and I will gladly supply the name with proof would have to be the lowest low life in the Radar Detector Industry!

    The site named above is not under new management instead he has it redirected through another URL which points back to the original site!
    I am also able to supply this redirection link!

    I have informed Radar Roy of this unfortunate occurance and hope the matter will be resolved in a short period of time.

    Please band together and show some support for Radar Roy USA who has made an immense amount of self dedication and sacrifice to make this Forum possible.

    No one deserves to have a personal attack made on them through a internet site.

    I call this a cowardly and desperate act by a dispicable individual whom I am willing to name if this needs to be done as I do have all the proof in the world!!!

    I have had the privilege of working with Roy Reyer (Radar Roy) in a professional and friendly manner and have nothing but the highest admiration for the former highly respected Police Officer!

    I look forward to visiting and seeing him again in the near future.

    I shall leave it up to the forum members to deal with the person who has made the attack on him in a way they deem appropriate.

    Wish you all the best Radar Roy USA!


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    Default website is a joke. Anyone with half a brain that reads that site knows it's complete BS. Not a crediable attack when you consider the source, and a very pathetic attempt.

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    Ninja Jammers - In case you are attacked by folks in robes and sandals. Does it protect against throwing stars?

    I trust Roy.


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    I'm sure roy has heard all that s*** before and after 26 years being a cop he'd heard it all before..........

    roys running a legit business, and as i know its great to run your own business without having any boss! and doing what you want to do not what sombody else wants you to do....

    personaly i would like to buy my detcetors or jammers from a cop who has used radar laser guns....... as theres tricks to using guns and ways to defeat both jammers and detectors, as we all know. one bloke who sells cd and dvds over here use to be a cop tells me how he would arrest people and bring them in..... really cool to know whats what....

    i know theres some cops which stitch people up but you cant blame other cops for other cops actions!

    very sad people... ....... i'm sure sad comments like theses roll off roy like water on a ducks back.......

    at least roy isnt selling crap detectors!

    those who laugh last laugh loudest!



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