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    Default Washington Dc- They're In The Money!!!

    Washington (AP) - D.C.'s automated speed-camera program is marking its fifth anniversary by reporting more than $111 million in fines collected since its inception.

    According to police statistics, the $2.3 million in fines collected last month brings this year's total to more than $16 million.

    The Washington Times reports that's well ahead of last year's pace, when a record $28.9 million was collected.

    The city now has 22 speed cameras. Twelve are located on camera-equipped vehicles that rotate through about 80 enforcement zones in the city, and ten cameras are at fixed locations.

    The program began in 2001 with six cameras.

    Police Chief Charles Ramsey says there are no immediate plans to expand the program.

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    Default More REDLIGHT praise

    Another article that quotes the cheif on how wonderful the redlight system is.



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