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    Default Santa Clarita's to get more red light cameras

    More Red-light Cameras Coming

    By Josh Premako
    Senior Staff Writer
    Thursday July 27, 2006

    Motorists should be ready to say "cheese" next time they run a red light at one of Santa Clarita's busier intersections. Chances are there will be a camera snapping their picture.

    The city is in the process of installing red light enforcement cameras at three additional intersections, bringing Santa Clarita's total to eight major intersections equipped with the cameras.

    By next month, the systems will be up and running at the intersections of Valencia Boulevard and McBean Parkway, Newhall Ranch and Bouquet Canyon roads, and Sierra Highway and Soledad Canyon Road, said senior traffic engineer Gus Pivetti.

    Running a red light at one of the monitored intersections results in the issuance of a citation for $351, a portion of which is used to fund the program, and the rest is directed to the county.

    When the first five camera systems were set up in July 2004, Pivetti said the Sheriff's Department issued about 700 citations per month.

    Since then, he said that number has dropped to about 300 citations issued every month.

    "It indicates we've had a behavioral change," he said. "That's what we're looking for."

    In addition to a drop in traffic violations, there has been a drop in collisions as well.

    There was one collision attributed to red-light running during the first year of the program, as opposed to an average of nine per year at the intersections in the past three years.

    Other cameras are located at intersections including Lyons Avenue and Old Orchard Road, Magic Mountain and McBean parkways and Soledad Canyon and Whites Canyon roads.

    The city is continuing to study traffic patterns to determine additional intersections to install the cameras.
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    Default another article about this

    Beginning Tuesday, August 1, the program will be in effect at McBean Pkwy. at Valencia Blvd., Bouquet Canyon Rd. at Newhall Ranch Rd., and Sierra Hwy. at Soledad Canyon Rd

    During the first 30 days, if a motorist is caught by a camera at one of the three new intersections, a warning will be issued including a photograph of the violation. Actual citations will be issued starting Thursday, Aug. 31, if a violation occurs at one of the new intersections.



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