Revise speed trap method
published: Thursday | July 27, 2006


There are at least five different speed limits between Falmouth and Kingston, namely 30, 40, 50, 60 and 80 kph; the lowest limit can be found in areas of current road development. Places like Seville, black spot Laughland in St. Ann, have signs of 40 kph, and 60 is an arbitrary new limit in at least one other area.

The journey to Kingston is dominated by the crawling 50 mph for most of the way that delays traffic, increases drive time much more than it promotes safety on the road.

So, the police are out in droves, hiding in bushes and around corners, ticketing unaware motorists and in this instance slapping an horrendous $5,000 fine for doing 68 kph.

Without clear signs, how could I know that the roadway just outside of Ewarton, a sparsely populated area, is a 50 mph zone? Driving cross-country, how are motorists expected to constantly recall the current speed limit. Most drivers, I believe, are caught outside their natural surroundings.

One minute you are driving at 80 kph the next minute you are caught "speeding" in a 50 kph zone. It is very demanding to drive long distance and to keep track of the speed limits.

I am calling on the authorities to revise the speed limits and the speed trap method of hiding in bushes (Central Village) or around corners (Ewarton main road) to make revenue. A case was won against the police in the U.S.A. for these same methods when the courts ruled that it was illegal for cops to do speed checks unannounced and from a position off the road.