Red light runners beware. The City of Savannah is planning to install cameras at three more intersections: Abercorn and Montgomery Cross Road, Eisenhower and Waters, and Victory and Skidaway.

While drivers we spoke with have mixed reviews about the locations the city says are among the busiest and most accident-prone intersections in Savannah.

"These three have always been on our top ten list for red light cameras," Sean Brandon with the city manager's office.

The city will use the same type of cameras that are already in place at three other intersections along Abercorn. The cameras will take a snapshot of your car, your tag and your car running the light. Then the city will send you a $70 citation in the mail.

"Ultimately it's about safety and getting a change in behavior for people to realize running red lights is wrong," said Brandon.

For the most part, drivers seem to agree that the cameras will mean safer intersections. "I think it's a wonderful idea," said Savannah resident Valda Jarmillo. "We have so many accidents since I've had my business here, I've seen so many accidents that I think it would be wonderful."

Before crews can install the new cameras, the locations have to get a final approval from city council. That should happen in the coming weeks. Once the red light camera locations are approved, it will take a few months for crews to get them up and running.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,