U.S. 30 To Get Rumble Strips
BY JENNIFER PERYAM, Times-Union Staff Writer

The Indiana Department of Transportation is working to make U.S. 30 safer to drive.

That is what traffic commission member Ann Sweet reported during Thursday morning’s Traffic Safety Commission meeting.

Sweet shared an e-mail with the commission that she received July 28 from Toni Mayo, customer service manager for INDOT.

It stated the department will begin installing rumble strips at the U.S. 30 east and west approaches to Warsaw within the next four weeks.

The installation will increase the safety on the stretch of highway and cost approximately $5,000 to $8,000, according to Mayo.

The project will take approximately two to three days to complete, weather permitting.

Sweet also said there is a pilot study being looked into to place cameras at stoplights along U.S. 30 to decrease incidents of drivers running red lights.

She said Chicago currently has cameras placed at stoplights, but legislation has not been passed for the cameras in Indiana.

Sweet said legislatures have suggested officers be used to give out tickets for those who run red lights, but that will not eliminate the problem.

“When police have to run through a red light to stop a driver who ran through the same light, then they are endangering themselves,” Sweet said.

“A camera would capture a photo of a license plate and a ticket could be given.”

Lt. Kip Shuter of the Warsaw Police Department informed the commission during the meeting that the department will not be receiving a No Red Light Running grant it applied for.

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute did not approve the grant that would have allowed law enforcement to patrol U.S. 30 16 hours a day for a year to enforce drivers who run red lights, Shuter said.

Sweet informed the commission that next week is the National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running. The campaign is aimed to inform the public and elected officials about the seriousness of the issue.

Sweet said there will be increased police surveillance along U.S. 30 next week.

“Every time we do a seat belt blitz, drivers are more careful to wear their seatbelts and slow down,” Sweet said.