Tue 8 Aug 2006
60 speeding ticket lands driver with a 3,200 bill

A DRIVER who challenged a 60 speeding fine will have to pay more than 3,000 after losing a two-year legal battle.

Arthur Hayes, 54, has been told to pay 50 times more than his original fine by a judge after contesting the ticket he received in 2004.

Mr Hayes was stunned by the decision to impose the huge sum of 3,000 costs on top of a 200 fine.

Mr Hayes was flashed travelling at 40mph in Bury New Road, Salford, where the limit is 30mph, in October 2004. He had nine points on his licence and faced losing it, so he challenged the fine. It took two years of legal wrangling for the issue to be resolved. Because of the time delay, Mr Hayes avoided losing his licence as some of the points had been "spent" - or expired.

Mr Hayes, from Middlesbrough, had admitted being the driver of the car, but he refused to accept a fixed penalty amid claims the camera breached guidelines over its position and signs around it.

Solicitor Barry Culshaw, who represented the driver, was also ordered to pay 2,588 costs because so much time had been wasted on the case.

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