The Colorado Springs Police Department is considering listing on-line where their officers are waiting to catch speeders.
by Jennifer Fullerton


The Police Department is doing this to help with both public relations and traffic enforcement. Revealing these locations the department thinks would cut down on criticism concerning the tactics they use.

"What we're trying to do is just let folks know that we are going to be conducting traffic enforcement." says Colorado Springs Police Officer Lt. Rafael Cintron.

But how much would people use the site to avoid getting caught?

Admitted daily speeder, Bill Miller, who has received more tickets than he can count throughout his life time, doesn't think checking on-line would be worth his time.

"I'm on the web a lot but doing other things, conducting business," says Miller.

"I think it gives people too much notice," says Steve Nypaber who says he doesn't speed.

While it does give people a heads up the locations that would be listed on-line would not be the only places you could get ticket.

"We will be conducting traffic enforcement throughout the city by all our officers," says Lt. Cintron

The Police Department is still just considering this idea. No word on when a final decision might come.