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    Default VA - Speeders face extra fines

    Speeders face extra fines
    By David Royer/staff

    STAUNTON Drivers on Donaghe Street should watch their speedometers closely.

    Speeders on the residential lane will face an added $200 on top of the normal costs of a speeding ticket, if City Council approves a new traffic calming measure today.


    Speeding tickets normally cost drivers $5 for every mile over the posted speed limit plus $56 in court costs.

    The increased fine is part of a policy designed to slow down traffic on residential streets. Donaghe will be the first city street to have some of the new measures in place.

    Increased police presence will likely accompany the fines, city spokesman Doug Cochran said.

    Residents this year approved a plan to add a $200 fine on top of speeding tickets and to lengthen a red light at Donaghe Street and Churchville Avenue, moves that city engineers hope will discourage some drivers from using the street as a shortcut from the city's northside to Churchville Avenue near Gypsy Hill Park. An added plan to paint white lines on the curbs was not approved.

    Originally published August 10, 2006
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    They have these extra $200 fine zones in various places. It is posted below the speed limit sign. Problem is, most of the tickets people get in those areas are not getting the $200 imposed if they go to court. All those signs do is clog up the traffic courts with petty speeding tickets that most people would have just paid and not come to court if the signs weren't there. Another poorly planned program by our local governements because it is actually costing more to host those people who would have paid otherwise in court.



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