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    Default Driver threatens to sue police at traffic stop...

    Quote Originally Posted by news
    A Missouri motorist stopped by police threatened to sue them under copyright laws if they wrote down his name.

    Daniel Smith is said to have told officers his name was copyrighted, and every time it appeared on a document he would launch a 300,000 lawsuit.

    The 45-year-old allegedly told police if his claim wasn't paid within 10 days, it would cost them 900,000. He said if they failed to pay at that point, judgments would be entered against all parties involved and their property.

    He was pulled over by police officers following an accident near the town of Independence, reports the Examiner

    According to police, Smith also told officers he wouldn't give them his licence unless he was given a receipt. When the officers told him he would get his licence back, he refused and demanded a receipt.

    The officers then called for a supervisor. After he arrived, he was added to the list of people being sued.

    Smith has reportedly been summonsed for a number of motoring offences.
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    Sounds crazy........ :shock: ......but maybe Crazy enough to work.... :?
    Keep us posted

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    I heard a story a long time ago regarding that, and the guy actually won, it was a story in california.



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