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    Default Africa - JOHANNESBURG, Police Jammed by laser jammers!

    Lasers fox speed cops

    By Thabiso Thakali
    JOHANNESBURG – Speed-mad motorists are beating the traffic cops with hi-tech laser jammers that render speed traps useless.
    Traffic departments pay more than R700 000 for a single laser speed-trap unit – but a simple device costing R3 500 beats the traffic police, one of the manufacturers of the device boasted in a radio interview yesterday.
    The device – similar ones are in widespread use in countries such as the US – transmits a laser signal that scrambles the speed reading ability of even the most sophisticated speed trap.
    Traffic officials are angry about the laser jammers but told The Citizen that they would not take them lying down.
    Johannesburg Metro police spokesman chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar said there were several devices on the market that warned motorists of speed cameras and speed traps ahead.
    Minnaar said the devices, referred to as radar detectors, were allowed, because they promoted road safety.
    “But the so-called laser jammers hamper the operation of our speed beams, which are placed on the roads to activate cameras when a motorist is driving faster than the legal speed.”
    He warned that motorists found with jamming devices in their cars would be arrested and charged with obstructing or defeating the ends of justice.
    “We are not against speed-trap detectors but we will not allow motorists to use devices that cause our own machines to malfunction.
    “Such devices are in direct obstruction of the metro police’s duties,” Minnaar said.
    The chairman of the Metro committee on road safety, Ian Auret, said he, too, did not see anything wrong with the use of speed-trap detectors because they would help motorists to keep their eyes on the roads and not on their speedometers.
    “I believe they are important instruments that will warn motorists when there is a speed trap ahead – as do the road signs we put up.”
    Wits law expert professor Steve Tuson used the analogy of tax evasion and tax avoidance through structuring one’s affairs to minimise tax.
    The use of the laser jammer was like tax evasion and could amount to breaking the law.
    “Clearly, if you are speeding you are breaking the law and if a person is evading speed ticketing through using this device it could amount to obstruction of justice.”
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    Wow, this is SOOOOO blown out of proportion... typical media. :roll:

    Yes, LIDAR jammers are EVERYWHERE and it causes malfunctions. :roll: :roll: :roll:

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    Eduan Roos, Beeld

    Johannesburg - Devices that warn motorists about traffic officials were acceptable, but if these were used to block the functioning of speed cameras, motorists would be arrested.

    That was the warning issued by the Johannesburg traffic department against the manufacture and use of the Stealth Laser Jammer, a device used to block the laser beams used by speed cameras to catch speeding motorists.

    Preventing speeding fines

    This system transmits an infrared laser beam at the same frequency as that used by traffic officials, which prevents the speed camera from taking a reading.

    The designer of the device insists that it is legal.

    According to Brad Eyre, one of the designers, four transend receptors near the vehicle's registration number made it impossible for speed cameras to get a reading and this was the only guaranteed manner in which to prevent being issued a speeding fine.

    Pick 'n Pay Boss Sean Summers was arrested on Sunday after he clocked 190km/h going through a speed trap in his red Ferrari.

    No law prohibiting device

    Eyre said on their website that the device, which was available at R3 400, provided 360 degree protection against speed cameras.

    "An alarm warns you when you are being targeted by a camera," he said.

    "We suggest motorists then reduce speed and switch off the system to allow the camera to take a reading."

    According to Eyre there is no law prohibiting the use of such a jammer, but there was also no sense in irking traffic officials.

    Motorists face arrest

    Metro police spokesperson superintendent Wayne Minnaar said devices hampering speed cameras from taking readings were not allowed.

    "We have no problem with a system that warns a motorist to reduce speed, as this can improve road safety," he said.

    But motorists caught using such a jammer would be arrested for defeating the ends of justice.
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    Default damn

    this sucks.
    Surely they cant just suddenly say they are illegal? I law must be passed to say so I would have thought. Most Leo's dont even know what they are....
    We have a trap between work and home, that I go thru about twice a month and jam him every time. (same Leo) I have seen him taking my plates down in his book......

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    how can light be illegal?

    if light can cause their crap guns to malfunction then thats their problem!

    they shouldnt be shining laser at people...

    they are trying to control light waves next, so that makes the sun illegal.........



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