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    Default IL - New Police Flashlight Sniffs As Well As Shines

    New Police Flashlight Sniffs As Well As Shines

    CHICAGO (WBBM) -- As police gear up their publicity machine to battle drunk driving over the Labor Day weekend, they're also gearing up with new flashlights that sniff as well as shine.

    WBBM's John Cody has the story.

    The sniffer light is billed as just another tool in the arsenal against drunk driving.

    Illinois Department of Transportation official Clinton Harris says the state is buying 150 of the $750 sniffer flashlights for highway patrol use and distribution to local agencies. They have meters that range from green to red, depending on how much alcohol they sniff.

    They don't stand as evidence in court of drunk driving but do establish probable cause for more extensive questioning and field sobriety tests.

    Harris says the flashlight used near the driver will pick up airborn alcohol vapors while the officer is using the light to inspect the interior of the auto.

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    We have those things here, bastardous little devices. But they make dui checkpoints go alot faster... they can apparently also be used to detect alchohol in beverages, so your root 44 limeade with vodka will be easy to test



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