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    Default CAN - Radar cop hit

    A speeding motorcyclist apparently slammed into a police officer who was on foot operating a radar trap along Groat Road last night, sending both men to hospital in serious condition.

    "I heard him coming, I always do, they race up this road with no regard for others," said a disgusted Ed Andrus, who's home on 132 Street back onto the northbound lanes of Groat Road, just south of 109A Street.

    Andrus said he heard the roaring engine of the street bike shortly before 11 p.m. But rather than fading into the night, the revving sound just suddenly stopped.

    "At first I thought 'there goes another wingnut,' but then it just stopped dead," he said.

    The next thing Andrus heard was sirens, and shouting.

    "I came out and saw one officer consoling another. The wounded officer's right leg was broken, his ankle twisted in. He was trying to move it but couldn't. It was tragic, he was in pure agony."

    Others said the motorcyclist appeared to be in his early 20s, and thought he hit the officer while the policeman was standing near or in the right lane of Groat Road.

    "I think the cop had just finished pulling over a vehicle and was returning to his radar setup when he got hit," said Sebastien Mielczarek, 27.

    The 109A Street intersection is a well-known speed trap.

    EMS Supt. Kevin O'Keefe said both patients were taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital. "The (motorcyclist) was in serious condition with undetermined injuries," he said.

    Of the injured officer, EPS Insp. John Visscher said "all I know is the member suffered a compound fracture to one arm." He could not confirm if the officer had broken a leg.

    Police blocked off Groat Road from 111 Avenue to 107 Avenue late into the night as investigators interviewed other drivers and catalogued shattered motorcycle parts.

    A motorcycle helmet lay on the grass beneath a stop sign.

    The bike had skidded about 20 metres north of the Groat and 109A Street intersection, its headlight on and engine running.

    Andrus had little good to say about its driver. "Speeding among these young guys on bikes is getting totally ridiculous. I don't even get the impression they care. When I got here the guy was sitting on the corner talking on a cellphone."

    Andrus said he'd like to see speed governors made mandatory on racing bikes - not to deter excessive speeding, but to make it altogether impossible.
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    I don't know the specifics of this situation but I've been stopped by the OPP in a similar situation. It was dusk and I was GUILTY of speeding (excessively). I was in my early 20's riding one of those crotch rockets that everyone loves to hate. The LEO lasered me and jumped out onto the middle of the road in my path! From my P.O.V. I'm thinking holy Sht who's this arsehole that just jumped out onto the road! Panic stop! Brake and avoid maneuvears and I stop realize its a LEO and accept my ticket.

    I don't know if that is what happened but if its correct that you can hear these "damn bikes" coming from a distance then what are you doing in the middle of the road? The guy on the bike is totally in the wrong for flying through the intersection but a little responsiblity lies with the officer as well. That hero tough guy approach will get you hurt ya gotta think.



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