Mobile radars to be deployed on busy roads
Published: Tuesday, 22 August, 2006, 10:58 AM Doha Time

By Arvind Nair

FIFTEEN new mobile radars are to be pressed into service to book speedsters on Qatar’s roads, a senior official told Gulf Times.

This will be in addition to the 10 fixed radars which are already in use at various key thoroughfares, said Col Mohamed Marafia, head of planning, safety and radars.

Currently, Traffic Department personnel are receiving training on how to use the mobile equipment, he said.

"Some of them are already trained but more personnel need to be prepared," Col Marafia said.

The Interior Ministry signed a deal during the Milipol exhibition in May with Telco International of Qatar to buy a total of 70 radars.

The contract, worth QR24mn, is to supply, install, and operate the system for four years. Of the 70 units, 55 are for fixed devices to be installed on the side of roads, five to be mounted on vehicles and 10 to be fixed on tripods.

The tripods would be moved from one busy road to another to catch those who break the speed limits, the official said.

According to sources, the radars are made in Germany and they use the latest digital cameras. Earlier, devices have been using films and had to be removed, washed and printed.

The latest system can be directly linked to the central control room as and when the fibre optics national network is completed.

Until that happens, Telco will physically remove the data, process it and handover to the Traffic Department.

Telco is setting up a traffic camera control room where the data are processed.

The new radars will also include four TraffiTower, an instrument that will aesthetically merge with the city’s landscape. These stand-alone devices are likely to be installed at the Corniche, a scenic road where aesthetic looks are taken into consideration.

Telco, the only supplier of traffic radars in the country, has been providing the equipment to the Traffic Department since 1993.