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    Default Drivers to be notified of vehicular black boxes in 2011

    Since the National Transportation Safety Board "recommended" that all new vehicles be equipped with some form of black box -- more appropriately known as an Event Data Recorder (EDR) -- manufacturers have slowly but surely been sneaking them in. Deliberately or otherwise, a vast majority of automakers have neglected to inform customers that their vehicle has such a device installed in it, and as you'd probably expect, it's driving privacy advocates up the wall. As these EDR boxes become more popular, some form of control and notification system apparently needed to be devised, thus the NTSB stepped in and threw down some uniform regulations. Beginning in 2011, all automakers must include "information in the owner's manual" about the specific data that the EDR collects. Fortunately for car companies, the mandate goes a step further by standardizing the data collected by each box, so everyone's privacy is invaded equally. We'll just have to wait and see if those newly disclosed deets include a step by step guide to de-activating the incriminating evidence data collection, but we don't have a good feeling about all that.

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    give it a year or two and there WILL be a work around, of which I will quickly be one of the first to modify my black boxed car. Although... a black box in my car and the guy who hit me would have showed I was not at fault, as I was ****ing stopped. but nm, the insurance company is retarded.

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    one more reason to keep my 97 until the wheels fall off

    I wonder about Import Auto makers..........will they have the same regs in their home countries, or will they have to spend extra money modifying them to USDM standards?? while not having them back at home, thus making our prices go up, I honestly would like to see how big companies like Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes and all them respond to this

    but of course this system is only really "required" in America, because compared to the rest of the world (in general) our drivers suck (But there are good ones, im just stating ON AVERAGE), our roads are WAY TOO HEAVILY REGULATED (I drive I hit a red light, and not but 50 feet later am stopped at ANOTHER red light), our LOW A$$ SPEED LIMITS, and all that such line of BS

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    Notice paragraph C.1.s. (new addition effective 7-1-2006)

    Then read to see what the black box does and how the data can be used.



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