Mayor asks for more speed enforcement


With Purdue University and West Lafayette schools back in session, Mayor Jan Mills has an important message to city motorists: "Drive the speed limit."

Mills announced Tuesday she's instructing the West Lafayette Police Department "to seriously enforce the speed limits in the city over the next several weeks."

Charlie Tritschler lives on Meridian Street, a striped residential street many people use as a cut through between Salisbury and Grant streets.

Like many in his neighborhood, Tritschler sees people speeding all the time. "We welcome the mayor's policy," he said.

Police Chief Dan Marvin said officers will spend more time on speed enforcement between calls.

The department uses radar guns that can record vehicle speeds even when the police cruiser is moving, Marvin said. So patrolling cruisers can catch speeders as well as parked cruisers can.

Marvin said officers will focus heavily on the city's major thoroughfares, as well as areas near school zones and around Purdue's campus.

But those aren't the only areas to receive attention.

"This is for the entire city," Mills said. "I'm asking them to step it up here at the beginning of school to remind people that we have many pedestrians in the community."