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    Default Fakenham, UK - Action over speeding

    24 August 2006

    Thousands of people are putting their names to petitions in Fakenham calling for action to curb speeding motorists in the town centre before reckless driving claims someone's life.

    Concern is growing that unless action is taken soon someone may be killed or seriously injured if they are struck by one of the vehicles travelling around the town centre at double the permitted speed limits.

    Some vehicles are reported to be travelling at 60 or 70mph in 30mph limited areas.

    As well as putting pedestrians' lives at risk, the motoring speedsters are also causing a noise nuisance with their often revved-up engines.

    Now members of the town's Pub Watch have declared that “enough is enough” and it is now time for action to be taken.

    They have drawn up petitions, which are at various outlets in the town, which have been signed by thousands of people who share the group's concerns.

    The group hopes that the petitions will raise the profile of the problem and make it an issue for discussion with local influential bodies such as the police, town council and the chamber of trade.

    Among the initiatives being considered are use of radar guns, traffic calming measures and speed cameras, but all ideas are being looked at.

    “Members of the Pub Watch group are all concerned about the problem of speeding motorists and we believe that unless action is taken soon to deal with it someone will be killed or seriously injured,” said Vince Stewart, co-owner of the Bull pub on Bridge Street.

    He says with the Bull pub being situated at the bottom end of Bridge Street he and his staff have daily experience of speeding motorists using Bridge Street, from the market place to the mini-roundabout, as a racetrack.

    “We are not saying we have got the answers to this very real problem but we feel that through bringing the subject into the open for public discussion an answer may be found before it is too late,” said Mr Stewart.

    His views are shared by fellow Pub Watch member, Liam O'Sullivan, of the Bistro Gallery in the market place.

    “With the speeds some of these motorists are doing along Bridge Street and Olivet Way and White Horse Street it is only a matter of time before someone will be hit. Everyone shares the same feeling that something has to be done about the problem,” he said.

    # What do you think about the problem and do you have any solutions? Write to the Times at 37 Bridge Street or e-mail and tell us what you think.

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    typical british people accusing people of speeding when there doing nothing more than thrashing their engines and making noise with the high revs and noisy exhausts...

    people in my local area say boy racers were doing 90mph in the shopping area when you'd struggle to hit 60 mph in a fast car probibly (0 - 60 in 6 seconds) without really heavy braking due to the road being too short..

    and theres not many cars in the uk which can do that..

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    Yeah, in USA a lot of cars can do it in 6s but in UK there are so many little "s-box" es and diesels and little engines

    Stupid ricer kids and their loud exhausts and lack of upshifting. The key is to be stealth... fast but quiet! Mind you an old Saab Turbo is by no means a quiet car even with a fully stock exhaust system, they wouldn't pass EEC regulations on noise when it was new, but it did when they did the test in the rain



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