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    Default NE - Motion Commotion: Neighbors fed up with speeders

    If there's a constant irritation from one Omaha neighborhood to the next, it's speeding vehicles tearing down the streets.

    One group of neighbors in northwest Omaha called 6 on Your Side for help.

    Maplewood Boulevard runs through a neighborhood where many homeowners have a story about a close call with speeders.

    Don Hoffman will tell you, "From the skid marks, they estimated they were going 65-70 miles per hour. This is a 25. My daughter actually got hit by a car once. Luckily she just got brushed."

    Tom Snethen says, "We'll yell at them to slow down and, you know, we get that loving sign."

    On Tuesday evening, around 6:30, a suspected drunk driver hit a light pole and landed in Matt Reier's corner lot.

    "You can somewhat see the tracks in the street," Matt says.

    The car tore up his front yard and Reier's neighbors helped chase down the suspects.

    Tom tells us, "I said, 'stop and sit down. Don't move. Just sit.' I just waited for the cops."

    It was the latest incident in a string of traffic problems in the neighborhood.

    Don says, "This can't be used as a racetrack. Is it going to take someone getting killed to get it taken care of? That's what I'm afraid of."

    The neighbors asked us to check speeds with our Channel 6 speed zapper. It didn't take long to find several speeders.

    Neighbors say the city has done traffic studies and set up radar over the years but the speeding continues.

    Matt Reier says, "It's either a snow route, emergency route or some excuse that they use that they can't do anything."

    Omaha police say there used to be more complaints about speeding there but the complaints subsided until recently.

    The public works department isn't sure what the options are when it comes to any traffic calming devices. They're investigating.

    The issue will be brought up at a neighborhood meeting in a couple weeks.

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    As usual...the idiots are screwing things up. Honestly, if that was happening in my neiborhood, and someone hit my daughter...well...let's just say that would be the end of them



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