Police blitz nails 63 speeders
Three also charged with not wearing a seatbelts

Monday August 28, 2006
St. Thomas police, Elgin OPP, Aylmer police, Strathroy-Caradoc police, Stratford police, Oxford Community Police and London police all cooperated on traffic enforcement Wednesday.
As part of the Four Counties Policing Cooperative Traffic Enforcement Initiative, police concentrated on enforcing aggressive driving, high collision intersections, complaint zones and other issues.
A total of 63 speeding charges were laid. Other tickets included five for failing to stop at a sign, four for not having an insurance card, three for not wearing seatbelts, three for not having a license, one for not wearing a motorcycle helmet, one for altering a validation document, one for driving without insurance, and one each for driving with an improper drivers license and using a plate not authorized for a vehicle.