TWO CYCLE COPS keeping a close eye on vehicle speed on the ABC Highway with the use of hand held radars.

DRAG RACERS AND SPEEDSTERS are finding it difficult to outrun the sharp lenses of the police's hand-held radar.

The police force recently stepped up its surveillance patrol especially on highways and roads where drivers tend to break the speed limit, in an effort to catch the culprits.

Superintendent Albert Freeman told the DAILY NATION they were reaping success.

"We have been getting some results. We have made quite a number of cases with the use of the radar," he said, adding that police had caught these speedsters both in the day and at night.

He said the use of the radar by motorcycle patrols was an ongoing programme and was only one aspect of the measures police have put in place to control speeding.

While the hand-held radars had been in use by police for some time, they recently introduced newer equipment that can record the speed of vehicles coming towards or going away from police. [/img]HOW IS THIS NEW EQUIPMENT??