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    Default TN - City Approves Contract For "Automated Traffic Enfo

    City Approves Contract For "Automated Traffic Enforcement"
    posted September 5, 2006

    The City Council on Tuesday approved a contract with LaserCraft for setting up a series of cameras designed to catch those who run red lights and speed.

    Officials of a rival company, Nestor, again asked for a delay in awarding the contract. But city traffic engineer John Van Winkle said the LaserCraft equipment is sanctioned by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

    One place the cameras will be erected is at the dangerous Hixson Pike S Curves. Officials said cameras will be set up at either end of the S Curves.

    Those caught running red lights and speeding will be sent tickets in the mail.

    There is no cost to the city. LaserCraft gets a cut of the amount paid by those charged.

    Mr. Van Winkle said the program "is not about making money. It's about safe streets."

    He said areas where the cameras are positioned will be clearly marked. Also, there will be signs at the city limits announcing that Chattanooga monitors traffic using cameras.
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    FYI, Chattanooga already has one red light camera at Ashland Terrace and Dayton Blvd.



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