Red Light Cameras Approved in Balcones Heights
LAST UPDATE: 9/11/2006 10:19:52 PM
Posted By: Walker Robinson
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Soon when you drive in parts Balcones Heights, cameras will be snapping pictures of you, if you run red lights. Balcones Heights City Council Monday night approved red light cameras for four busy intersections.

In a 3-2 vote, cameras were approved for three intersections on Fredricksburg Rd. Another camera was approved for the intersection of Babcock and Hillcrest, officials said.

If you run a red light, the camera will snap a picture of your car. You will later receive a $148 ticket in the mail, officials said.

American Traffic Solutions, an Arizona company, agreed to install the cameras for free, but in return, it will collect $40 from every ticket, authorities said.

“If we get down to no violations, then the city doesn't make money, we don't make money,” Bob Barnard with American traffic Solutions said.

A traffic study found the intersection of Fredricksburg and Crossroads was the worst of the four intersections slated to get cameras. Researchers counted 117 red light violations in just eight hours, officials said.

It will be two to three months before the new cameras are installed and working, officials with Balcones Heights said.